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If it’s beautiful teeth you’re after, then you’ve come to the right place! Next to the exceptionally high quality dental treatment, you’ll also receive full service during the course of your treatment. All this can be customised for your needs in 6 simple steps. And don’t forget, Hungary is the best place to go, since 40% of all European dental tourism is found here.

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Are you interested in receiving an offer about our services? If so, then simply fill out this form. After you’ve sent us the correctly filled out form, you’ll receive a reply in just a few days.


When we have received all necessary information, we will send you a quote in a few days. Our offer will normally include the following information:

  • Full offer
  • Exact schedule
  • Travel plan
  • Recommended programs for spending your free time during your treatment.


In so much as you are satisfied with our offer, nothing more need be done then to indicate your agreement to us. If you have any questions concerning the offer, then we are more than happy to answer them for you.


At the time of your arrival, our staff will be waiting for you at the airport, ready to take you by car to your destination, whether it is the hotel of your choice, or to your first appointment with your dentist.



During your treatment our staff is always on hand to assist you in every step. We will do everything in order to insure that, through our staff, all communication with your dentist, at the hotel, or during your free time activities will be in your native tongue. We will also assist you with any necessary legal advice, or during unexpected circumstances.


Your teeth are ready!

Congratulations!  You have reached the end of your treatment. On the very last consultation with your dentist, you will discuss a few important details. After receiving a few good tips you can start to plan your trip home to your loved ones, who are more eager to see your new smile than you think.



You will receive a 100% guarantee on the finished work. If any problem arises, we will provide completely free guarantee service within 6 months.

Our Dentists

Get to know our staff

Some of the best dentists in Budapest, with great reputations in the field, are made available to you.

Dental Laboratory

World Class Technology

Thanks to continual innovations, we have at our disposal one of Europe’s most modern dental laboratories.

How are your teeth prepared?

Get to know the process

The most important thing next to the dental work done is the professional procedures with which your teeth are prepared.


Spend your waiting time usefully

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, where there are thousands of programs to choose from.


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